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Personal Finance LawFrom Estate Planning to Investments, Real Estate to Credit Analysis and Repair and Debt to Income Ratio, there are many areas of personal finances where where having an attorney help explain the laws and legal consequences can help people make better informed decisions.  We provide a wide range of legal assistance to help our clients with all their personal finance needs.

Credit Report Laws:

Having an accurate and positive credit report is the one of the first steps to establishing a solid financial background. There are several laws, both federal and in Texas, that protect individuals against incorrect and false credit reporting. Have an attorney review your credit report to help you build a strong financial foundation.

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Debt to Income Ratio:

While a high credit score is extremely important, having a strong debt to income (“DTI”) ratio can be even more vital in securing loans and financing. New legislation is requiring banks to comply with very strict ratios on loans. Knowing these laws are imperative in utilizing your personal credit for financial purposes.

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Estate Planning:


Estate planning is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. If you are married and/or have children, having a valid will is one of the most important things you can do for your long-term financial health. A properly executed will, physician directives, and guardianship documents will give you and your loved ones a peace of mind.

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A well balanced investment approach is key to building long-term financial growth. Having an attorney routinely reviewing your interests and investments will help avoid any tax or legal pitfalls. Additionally, creating the proper liability protections will assist in developing a secure financial future.

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Real Estate:


Whether it is buying your first home or building a real estate portfolio, having an attorney review your real estate plans can help you achieve tax savings and adequate protections. With lending regulation at an all time high and interest rates slowly increasing, a real estate attorney can help provide you with helpful counsel.

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