Healthy Company ™ Program

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Joel A. Levine Healthy Company TMThe Austin Law Office of Joel A. Levine offers a comprehensive and affordable corporate maintenance program (Healthy Company ™) designed to help corporate clients comply with state requirements including: annual meeting requirements, Texas franchise tax filing requirements and other basic corporate record keeping and resolution requirements.

Whether your Texas entity is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership, our goal is to make it easy and convenient for your company to meet your corporate obligations by providing reminder notices, drafting minutes (or written consents) and providing follow-up attention.

Our Basic Healthy Company ™ package includes:

  • Acting as your Company’s official Registered Agent in the State of Texas for service of process to insure you receive all formal notices from the Texas Secretary of State and legal process
  • Remind you in advance of your Company’s Annual Meetings of the Shareholders and Directors and preparation of necessary resolutions regarding same
  • Maintain your corporate minute book and seal
  • Complete the summary and minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Shareholders and Directors prepare and assist with filing the Franchise Tax Report
  • Provide unlimited telephone support with you during the entire year to answer your questions and concerns regarding the daily business issues which confront you in your business enterprise.

Please note additional legal fees may apply if additional services are needed or requested.

The cost of this service to our corporate clients starts as low as only $600.00 per year ($50/month) for most small corporations or limited liability companies.


The Law Office of Joel A. Levine – Healthy Company ™ Program

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